SL Glossary

A Glossary of phrases, abbreviations and terms used within SL that may be confusing to new recruits or people who aren’t “hip”. Please help out by sending any additions or amendments to the glossary via one of out social media pages or direct to itemsreceived (at) 


AFK adj [Aye-ef-kay] Away from keyboard.

Ostensibly a “state of being” where your pixelpuppet is left unattended while the meatpuppet goes potty (etc.) but more common as an excuse when someone is sneakily off sexing on an alt  and ignoring your IMs – as in ”Oh sorry I didn’t see you there, I was AFK”.


Alpha noun [all-fa]

Worn like an item of clothing it makes a part of you invisible like that rug in the harry potter books. This is not so you can hide from wizards; this is because Mesh clothing doesn’t work. Mesh clothing is what all the cool kids wear now but the problem is it doesn’t “fit to the body” so you have to make the bit of you that you want to cover in mesh clothes invisible. Eventually you will be wandering around as just a head sticking out of some Mesh clothes, what you think of as “you” will just be which clothes you are wearing – so a lot like RL in that respect.  All that effort you made tweaking your shape – waste of time. Remember that story a while back about some bug-shit crazy woman that had one of her toes cut off so she could fit her feet into Jimmy Choos? That’s you now, welcome to SL.


Alt  noun [awl-t] Alternative.

The practice of having more than one “character” in SL, an alternative login.  Normally this second pixelpuppet is unconnected with the “main” to allow the player to act differently or explore places without the disapproval or interference of their peer group. There are motivational variations but it mostly boils down to two basic reasons. Men have alts to cheat on their partners or because they don’t want their friends to know they occasionally like to put the peen in a dogs butt. Girls have alts to cheat on their partners and because they don’t want their friends to know they occasionally like to RP a dog that likes peen in the butt.


AO noun [Aye-Oh] Animation Override.

HUD based software upgrade you can buy ingame that stops your pixelpuppet walking like they just shit their pants.


Deaf adj [Def]

Lots of legitimate groups supporting those with hearing impairment have grown in membership in SL in the last year. This is because voice has become more popular so all the males who are pretending to be girls IRL join deaf oriented groups as a way of explaining why they can’t voice with you. Nobody is fooled.


Freenis noun [Frei-ness]

Just thinking about what this is has made me too depressed to explain it.


Greifer noun [gree-fer]

Someone who enjoys being in SL but is ashamed of it so justifies their presence by causing grief to others. If you see a floating object spewing out pictures and noise ruining the surroundings for everyone else that’s the work of a griefer. Or a club owner.


IRL phrase [eye-ar-el]

This terms refers to things that happen outside of Second Life.  Frequently scoffed at. (see also AFK)


Malt noun [Mall-t] Male alt.

Like boobies and VJs girls have these and it’s confusing. Girls who play girl AVs but have backup / alternative alts who are male. This may be to take advantage of the fun in dressing up in male clothes, to see what it’s like hitting on girls or just to be able to hang out without having to answer the question  “hey wanna fuck?”.  It could be that most of the bearable interesting men in SL are in fact women. Terrifying.


Meatpuppet  noun [meet-pup-et]

The 3D “Me” person behind the AV, best not to think about this too much.


No Cam No Voice phrase

Something women put in their profiles to hide the fact that they are men. Nobody is fooled.


Pose Ball Bingo phrase [na]

This term refers to hopping on and off pose balls for the purposes of alleged sexual gratification.  There is no apparent way to win.


Slarcastic adj [slar-kast-ik]

Used to describe that special brand of bitter sarcasm that flourishes in Second Life.  See also: “Snark.”


SLesbian  adj [Ess-el-es-bee-ann]

A woman who is hetrosexual IRL but homosexual inworld. This could be because of a desire to experiment with sexuality in a safe environment or, more likely, because they have discovered that it’s a great way of avoiding being hit on by SL men.


Slex noun [S-lex]

This term refers to sexual acts within the confines of Second Life.  While the basic term is a noun, “Slex” is often used as a verb, i.e. “Are you around or are you off somewhere slexing?”


Sploder [Ss-ploh-dur]

Nobody actually know what the hell this is.


TP verb  [Tea-pea] Teleport

The preferred mode of transport around the grid. Most heard in context of people meeting other people, for e.g. “Send me a TP” – “would you like a TP?” “OMG! Why would you TP me here it’s disgusting and I think that’s my boyfriends ALT with his peener in that dog”