One of the most unnecessary things anyone can say in Second Life is “Should I go and see The Gathering, the new Bryn Oh installation at Immersiva” – because it’s a complete no brainer. If you are in SL of course you should go and see Bryn’s new work, it’s one of those redundant questions like “Does my bum look big in this?” (it’s SL, your bum looks big in fucking everything) or “Hmnnnn…. should I get the PG or the Adult version of this chair?” Another redundant question would be “is Bryns new installation any good?” because yes, predictably enough it’s good, better than good.

I’m not going to try and de-construct the why’s and wherefores of The Gathering here (then why write about it I hear you ask – obviously to show off that I’ve been there and give myself an air of cutting edge cool superiority like every other blog post ever written in every blog everywhere since the dawn of the internet, duh!) but I will as usual encourage you to not plan ahead and maybe make time for it soon, just damn well go there now and leave “trying to get into The Arcade” for another day. Go, look and poke around because you just should. Like all good art – doing so will make your life better.

Superficially The Gathering is set out like a gallery* display of charming (at a guess) Doubtful Guest-ish inspired illustrated verse, but there is far far more to experience here. No spoilers, just suit up in those new clothes that make your bum look big and tp over to marvel at Bryn’s creativity and get yourself some interactive cultural fun and virtual frolics.

(*like a gallery exhibition filtered through Bryns imagination – so like walking through an art gallery in the midst of a high temperature fever dream wondering if the art is going to kill you)

SLHAND16X16 The Gathering


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  • Reply February 20, 2016

    Ginevra Perdide

    and my bum does not look big in my sweats. Oh wait it does, never mind. But I don’t have a badonkadonk. I’ve seen a few of those on SL, and they need someone in front of them with a sign “Wide load”

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