Issue Zero

The heartbreaking news for the 6 people that regularly read Ri (Hi Mum, I know that’s you and your weekly canasta group) is that, if the lack of updates hasn’t given the game away already, the magazine has been on hiatus.

The naive dream that we might receive more random submissions and find other authors or photographers faded pretty quickly after issue 2 – we were crazy kids fuelled on dreams and rainbows (I.E. booze) but it turns out there are not as many opinionated bitter ranting egotists in SL as we thought. Ha, as if! SL is wall to wall with bitter ranting egotists they are just too smart to want to do it as publically as we did.

Ri was, despite appearances that it’s a huge vanity project, something we were doing for funsies so the fact that we found ourselves slaves to the concept of having to produce all the content for a regular magazine format started looking less like a giggle and a lot more like hard work, and as anyone who knows us will tell you “hard work” is not our idea of a good time, no sir.


polaroid editorial

“The punctuation at the end of a sentence gives meaning to every word, every space that precedes it.”

Hannibal Lector

So here’s the change – Ri is going to be more “general blog” from now on, which means updated if and only if and when (and if) I feel like venting about something or any of the other contributors has an I must share this moment. This isn’t the death knell – I’m stupid opinionated and venting stops me from blowing a fuse so I may as well do it here where someone might stumble across it. We had 13 thousand hits spread over the two “issues” which is still a staggering mind-fuck to me, so if any of you clickers wander your way back here at some point expecting us to have churned out another fun-packed full issue of glee for you to skim read, bless you strange weirdo, bless you – but that’s not how it’s going to be: best you can hope for is the occasional whimpering Bitch-fest from me. Sorry in advance, stop complaining.

Oh, dry your eyes gentle soul, nobody died – Missy has taken up SL breeding (yes we have made all the jokes) & still has her gacha business 16x16xSLHAND16X16. Ama is still over at her Coffee and Flowers fashion / decor blog, the place to click for anyone wanting to wear better clothes, see cool stuff or (like me) if you just want to stare at her pictures in a creepy stalkerish way. The prime intent of Ri still loosely holds, if you happen to have something to say about SL and you think it fits here, drop me line and let me know.

Welcome to the new look Ri, basically exactly like the old Ri just much much lazier.


" I don't know how to run a newspaper..... I just try everything I can think of. " Charles Foster Kane.

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