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Journalistic tradition dictates that any piece of writing should open with a brief teasing summary of the following article and end by posing a question to give the illusion that as a writer you care about what the readers think. That’s pretty straightforward here, the thrust of this article is 1) Go to Indie Teepee 2) No really, go to Indie Teepee right now 3) Why have you not yet gone to Indie Teepee?

ITP is a Second Life event / festival –  and, yes, you may have been soured by the idea of SL festivals by the recent SL birthday celebration, but whereas the crushing nightmare that was SLB12 tried to celebrate SL by getting a lot of, let’s face it, pretty rubbish things and cramming them together in one place,  ITP has modeled itself after an actual festival and is full without being overwhelming. Not only that it’s cleverly laid out, beautifully designed and composed of cool music, interesting stalls, machinima, fine art and, y’know, strangeness. Doesn’t that sound like a perfect summer celebration of all things SL? Doesn’t that just sound better?

The most amazing thing about ITP is simply “why isn’t this done more often?” People in SL like to hang around in groups, they like to listen to music and do a bit of shopping and they like to click stuff and smile at the results. The festival type vibe of ITP is custom-made for SL, and the only reason I can think of for other people not doing events this way is that ITP seem to be doing it so well it leaves other festival organizers depressed in a corner crying.


If you have ever been to a RL festival, you will be instantly familiar with the sensation that the ITP landing point gives you – “Oh what’s that over there, I want to see that, oh but first I need to go over there… oh but what’s this … and that?” Looming sculptures that turn out on closer inspection to be music stages, dream like hallucinations that on closer inspection turn out to be sculptures, sculptures than on closer inspection turn out to be interactive experiences. Notice a theme here? “Closer inspection” – I went to ITP with the intent of quickly snapping off a few pictures ahead of the crush for when I got my lazy ass around to writing this piece and was there for hours just poking about with a smile on my face – and it wasn’t even open yet. Let me stress that, I had fun there and the festival hadn’t. even. started.  I decided to dress the part and put on my warm weather duds and ironic summer festival hipster trilby, only to discover that R.O. are actually selling ironic summer trilby hats at the festival, one of which actually says “ironic” on it. I was so confused as to whether that meant I was being more ironic than I thought or not at all ironic that I took my hat off and put on my ironic summer hipster mustache instead.

At first as I mooched around I was congratulating myself on being able to sneak in under the fence for a brief relaxed early-access look at the site, but in truth I cannot wait to see it full of jostling people dancing, skipping, lagging and falling over with digital heatstroke. Those people would be you, so l refer you back to the beginning of this post “Go to Indie Teepee”. And since most RL articles about festivals give you a “what you must take with you” list of festival necessities (waterproof boots, condoms, your lawyer’s business card etc.) my suggestions for things to take to ITP are as follows; a smile expression (you know you have one in your inventory, don’t be shy, use it) and an absence of cynicism.

Hell, if I can do it anyone can.

INDIE TEEPEE starts on the 10th of July and runs to the 24th.

Indie Teepee Website

SL destination Guide SLHAND16X16

ITP on FB  facebook-icon

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