We all know that in real life, our jewellery flashes brilliantly in the sunlight, making us unbelievably attractive to the opposite sex while simultaneously blinding all who stand in its path like a lightning bolt. Surely you remember in your own real life how you recoiled in fear when you saw someone walking out of a store wearing a brand new bracelet or ring. You screamed and covered your eyes with your arm in a desperate attempt to protect your retinas from obliteration. You did, didn’t you? Well if you have yet to have that magical experience in your real life, don’t worry.


Not even edited – this is 100% how he looked.

That shiny brilliance will come find you in Second Life, and its name will be “Bling.” Bling comes to us from our Second Life jewelry stores and [seems], for some reason, particularly attractive to noobs. The term refers to those annoying flashes of light that spark from watches and rings in much the same way as they do from an ambulance. Being caught in the flash of bling has all the charm of being caught in the searchlight while going over the prison yard wall. In other words, it’s stunning, but not in a good way.

While yes, bling indicates that you are in fact, wearing jewellery, it also serves as a flashing warning light much like the ones you might see on a high voltage electric fence. That said, your intended message of “come look at me” quickly morphs into a “close your eyes and run.” This is likely the opposite of your intention. A few tips for those of you who have a “Thing for Bling.” First, read the notecard that came with your new purchase. You’ll find that you can likely turn bling OFF by typing “/bling off” in local. Second, perhaps consider some of Second Life’s less low-rent jewelry retailers. I mean, haven’t you done enough damage already?


Missy is a strong-willed, opinionated procrastinator who prides herself on her ability to remain unbiased. She collects rare and exquisite letters and much prefers the consonants over the vowels. She is renowned for her ability to vigorously defend her position even when clearly proven wrong. She is best known for making snap judgments and she never second-guesses herself…or does she?

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