July 26-August 10th: Brand New Event- Wild Things!

There can never be too many events when it comes to gacha, so this summer — a new event for you to explore!  Wild Things is an all animal and “wild things” themed event and I am delighted to say many of your favourite creators are already onboard!  The event will take place on a full SIM as a dedicated build and every effort will be made to control lag as script monitors will be in place.

In this lavish setting you will find an inviting and eclectic array of Gacha wild things, from those which walk on all fours to those flying high above your head.  You will find more Gacha wild things as well, including those that you can wear, sit on or simply admire.

…he sailed off through night and day. And in and out of weeks. And almost over a year to where the wild things are. Maurice Sendak


Plan to sail away this summer to reach where the Wild Things are… It’s still weeks away but so very near…. You will find more information about this event in a special edition of Received Items which will be released on the 23rd  of July.  That’s where you will find up to the minute information, sneak peeks, teasers and blog reviews.

*LM directly to the event will be made available at the top of the Gacha Stone Hud on the day of the event.  You will also find the LM on posters advertising this event at numerous gacha shopping areas as well.  You can find them through the HUD.

This event is self-funded.  Not seeking or accepting sponsorships.

Questions?  Contact Missy222.

Person who wrote this article about her own event: Missy222



The OMG Gacha Summer Edition starts on July 1st and runs through July 15th.    This is a very popular and highly anticipated event each season.  I remember last January when I discovered the OMG Gacha Winter edition, became the proud owner of roughly 2,876 Mango Cheek cats, probably the same number of bunnies, and a family of weasels that started out small but reached epic proportions so quickly I considered seeking medical attention. OMG Gacha was so fantastic that shopping there made me realize not only that there was a linden labs limit on the number of dollars you can spend buying lindens each month, but I also had the pleasure of learning exactly what that number is.  I fear not, however and I shall be braving my way into my first OMG Gacha Summer Edition event this July.  Based on their Winter Edition, I have but one suggestion:  Bring cash.

The LM for this event will be posted on Holli Thespian’s personal flickr, Jersey Shore subscriber and in the OMG! inworld group on July 1st.


Chapter 4.

One of my favourite recurring Gacha events has to be Chapter 4.  Shockingly, this event is held every month starting on the 4th. This is cozy event, and it reaches beyond just gacha. There is an awesome gacha section yes, but there is more to Chapter 4 than that.  You will find new releases by some of your favourite designers both in the machines and in the rooms surrounding the event.  Well, you will find them if you can shove me out of the way first.  Also, Chapter 4 can serve as a halfway house four times a year as it is held just four days after the Arcade closes.  If you come to one that just followed a closed Arcade, you will find me and my gacha-addicted friends huddled up in a corner, mumbling to ourselves and trying so hard to do the math it takes to see if we’ve reached our Linden Labs cruelly imposed linden purchasing limit yet.

Here is the LM for Chapter 4. 16x16xSLHAND16X16 This LM only works during the event, so testing it out before the 4th will just make you wonder if I’m bad at giving out LMs.


Final thought:  Don’t forget: Fantasy Gacha Carnival ends on June 4!  If you were on the ball and grabbed your copy of Received Items quickly and read all the way to this very spot when the issue was hot off the press, then you still have time… Fantasy Gacha Carnival 16x16xSLHAND16X16


Missy is a strong-willed, opinionated procrastinator who prides herself on her ability to remain unbiased. She collects rare and exquisite letters and much prefers the consonants over the vowels. She is renowned for her ability to vigorously defend her position even when clearly proven wrong. She is best known for making snap judgments and she never second-guesses herself…or does she?

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    NIkole Messmer

    Woooooooooooo go Missy!!!!!! Can’t wait to see the previews! Anything fluffy, furry, horny (snickers), feathery or 4 legged is bound to get my L$ in mass quantities.

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