On a day I was feeling in a particularly upbeat and eager-to-please mood I sacrificed myself to the editor, telling him I’m game for whatever he wanted me to do for Issue #2. And because he’s especially depraved, he asked that I do one of my “high-gloss snobby fashionista things” (his words, verbatim). Not so bad, right? Where is the evil in asking that I do what I do almost daily anyway, you ask?  Well… the “fashionista thing,” he explained, must be made of entirely free everything!  This means free skin, free shape, free clothes, etc.  As THAT sunk in, I started to feel cold and clammy; I was going weak at the knees.  “You want me to wear …. to…wear…freebie….clothing….?” 

Yes” he said, and as I walked away feeling ill and mentally crafting  a resignation letter “and freebie shoes and accessories also” – My scream was so loud it left SL and they heard it over in World of Warcraft.

I came pretty dang close to composing an entirely free outfit, though my hands are SLink 16x16xSLHAND16X16 hands, which cost 450L per hand position. I remember the days of ugly system hands and I AINT GOIN’ BACK THERE. NO NO, I AINT GOIN BACK. Not even for you, you wild herd of newborns and paupers!  But what I WILL do is show you what your hands look like until you score enough lindens to get yourself a nice pair of SLink hands (until then just don’t touch anything.) And also note – you can see from the pictures above that you can find many shoes which are designed specifically to be worn only with Slink feet. Buying these shoes will not magically transform your SL standard clubfoot flippers into dainty elegance, you need to already own Slinkfeets to wear this type of footwear.

Here as always is your URL guide to where to find all this goodness, fabulously free!

[Editors note – follow more of Ms Oonas adventures over at her regular fashion / decor blog- IATESMEE ]



  • BOOP_C

    This is how I felt when I got this assignment

    SKIN: [PUMEC] / Mila / Summer – Store Gift! FREE!

  • HAIR: Eaters Coma / Gift 03 / Chestnut – Group Gift! FREE group join!

Although this hairbase is not free, grab two free sets of awesome hairbases from either
Amacci or Analog Dog

previous group gift, however there is a new group gift in store! FREE group join!

  • LIPSTICK: Pink Acid / Catherine Lips Only / Nude Pink
  • Dark Katz Hunt item! (Look for item and simply left-click on it!), black cat in pink box

  • TOP: *COCO* / Cropped Tank Top / Grey (includes both GREY and BLACK)

12 group gifts available! FREE group join

  • SHOES: *COCO* / Flat Ankle Boots / Black

Group gift! FREE group join! OVER 30 group gifts available!

  • PUP BAG: Tuty’s / FREE Mesh Pet Carrier

HUD Allows for 12 bag color changes!
MANY Freebies at this location

Also, you receive a gift almost as soon as you land!



(store gift; includes skin and SLink hand and feet appliers)
(SIX other store gift skins available)

  • EYES: Dead Apples / Shattered / Caverne

(group gift; group free to join – Look for the Christmas boxes inside the store!)

  • EYE MAKEUP: New Faces Group Gift / Erotica Makeup

(group gift; group free to join)

  • TEETH: Tuli / Parted Lips

(Free on the MP here:

  • DRESS: *ionic* / Mia Dress / Noir

(group gift: free on the MP)

(group gift; group free to join)
(These shoes are add-ons for SLink FLAT feet. You will not able to wear them properly without these feet).

(group gift; group free to join)

  • NECKLACE: .:LpOca:. / Necklace Cross

(1L on the MP here:

  • RING: [DDL] / From Me to You / Black

(group gift; group free to join)

  • CLUTCH: {SMS} / Envelope Clutch / Pink

(group gift; group free to join)

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