Coolest Things in SL

This is a new spot in RI where we feature things found in SL that are so cool, we alerted the media.  Oh wait… that’s us.   We alerted ourselves then so that we could share the coolest things we’ve found in SL with you.  Feel free to submit your own suggestions for coolest things spotlight by sending us a NC!  It can be anything at all that appealed to you, as as long as it’s – you know- cool… In this issue we bring you a trifecta of a cool thing in SL. The “cool” is loosely joined by the theme of “animation” and we begin this group with three cool things combined into one mega-cool thing.  You may want to sit down. Unless you are in public and reading this on your phone in which case you might want to lean against something.


The (Animated) Pilot Flea Circus set SLHAND16X16

This flea circus from the March Arcade is without a doubt, one of the coolest things we’ve ever seen in SL.  The precision work and the attention to detail makes everything really come to life in that set.  Wait…. No, not quite “come to life.”  Something was missing.

Enter the very well trained, highly skilled Kerfluffle Sheep brought to us by Half-Deer.  They arrived at our office with applications in hand, just begging to be part of the show.  After a quick review of their qualifications, they were in.  All that was left was to get them to perform. All of the performance training credit goes to Fresh Animations. Their high standards resulted in the top notch performances you will see when you view the video above and watch the premiere of this issue’s coolest Coolest Thing.

Flea Circus Set by Pilot 16x16xSLHAND16X16

Kerfluffle Sheep by Half Deer 16x16xSLHAND16X16

Animations by Fresh 16x16xSLHAND16X16

Video by Babenco 16x16xSLHAND16X16 and Criss.

Currently on display at 222 16x16xSLHAND16X16



The Crossworlds Gallery itself. Not too shabby.

Crossworlds Gallery –   Feathers Boa exhibition SLHAND16X16

Now you may be thinking “what’s an Art exhibit doing in the cool things section, shouldn’t it be in the ART section”   (or at least if you were the Ri editor that’s what you are thinking because he won’t stop saying it)  Trust us, this is not only Art, this is “woah cool” art. Feathers Boa brings her sensibilities and talent as a real world painter to the production of what you could, if you were a pseudo-intellectual like me,  call  “living canvas”. Each painting taken at face value is already eye-catching, but as you approach the canvas each one begins to animate, to visibly change in its own unique way to display the deeper complexity of the work.

There’s a special thrill seeing someone use the unique possibilities in SL as the core of their art but this is much more than just a series of cool effects and becomes part of what makes Boas work shine. Even if the idea of going to “see art” in SL has never appealed you should go check this out. As Boa herself says “”What I look for are ways to use SL as a medium to create something which could not exist in the real world.”  The next time you find yourself “not in the real world”, go visit and see for yourself.


Sometimes articles at RI are a collaborative effort between two authors and these are filed under the catch-all title of Nom. If it helps add a little mystique imagine two people caught under a desk lamp at 3am throwing pages back and forth as they swig directly from the bottle and stare at the clock as it clicks inexorably towards deadline.


  • Reply May 31, 2014

    NIkole Messmer

    Firsties!!! lol…. I heart the Kerfluffle Circus so much that I go look at it almost daily. Luckily it’s located only several doors down from me! And now I need to go see this Crossworlds Gallery. Love you guys, and love the general demeanor of this magazine!!

    • Reply May 31, 2014


      I’m sad to have report General Demeanour was recently busted down to Colonel. Messy business.

  • Reply May 31, 2014

    Ginevra Perdide

    I want the elephant. Thank you for the blog, it’s a refreshing way of looking at SL.

    • Reply May 31, 2014


      Elephant. Not going to happen. Nope.

  • Reply June 1, 2014

    Ginevra Perdide

    I’ll give you a linden, your pick, either 1L or a Linden employee, I’m generous like that. I really want the elephant, I’ll wear a clown outfit, ride a unicycle and throw peanuts at it.

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