Angry Customer


  • (a)  store owner
  • (b)  creator whose talent and ability has made me into an SL Gacha crack addict
  • (c)  Your majesty

I’d like to report:

  • (a)  a slight concern I have with one of your products
  • (b)  a significant concern I have because your machine/vendor won’t give me what I paid for even after being kicked, stabbed and lit on fire.
  • (c)  a massive concern that I may go on a killing spree if this issue is not resolved.

I’ve tried to fix this issue myself by:

  • (a)  clicking 9,000 times in a row, hoping for a different result each time
  • (b)  complaining to everyone who still talks to me
  • (c)  sobbing.

I’m writing to ask:

  • (a)  if I can have 9,001 of these to replace the one I wanted but couldn’t get
  • (b)  if you think one more kick will do it
  • (c)  if you know anyone who might bail me out, you know “in case”

I would very much like to have:

  • (a)  a replacement
  • (b)  my sanity back
  • (c)  your home address



Store Owner


  • (a)  Valued customer
  • (b)  Person who ruined my otherwise wonderful day
  • (c) Jackass

Thank you for bringing this to my attention.  Hearing about your issues is important to me because:

  • (a)  The faster I hear about them, the faster I can resolve them
  • (b)  They keep me from being excessively happy
  • (c)  I am a sadist.

I know that you are upset, and I plan to resolve the issue:

  • (a)  Immediately
  • (b)  After I finish the 10,000 things I have to do
  • (c)  Just kidding; I have no plans to resolve this at all

Regarding your request for a free item or free gift for your trouble:

  • (a)  What do I get for MY trouble?
  • (b)  You should be ashamed of yourself
  • (c)  I have deeded you my entire shop, I no longer want it.

If this should happen again :

  • (a)  Please contact me immediately
  • (b)  You’re doing it wrong
  • (c)  That’s your problem, it’s your shop now.


Missy is a strong-willed, opinionated procrastinator who prides herself on her ability to remain unbiased. She collects rare and exquisite letters and much prefers the consonants over the vowels. She is renowned for her ability to vigorously defend her position even when clearly proven wrong. She is best known for making snap judgments and she never second-guesses herself…or does she?


  • Reply May 31, 2014

    Ginevra Perdide

    Missy, you crack me up and thank you for that. Next time maybe a list for a 12 step program for Gacha addicts. I can see one of those gacha addicts sending a letter just like your offerings. Those creators are laughing all the way to the SL bank.

    • Reply July 6, 2014

      Nix Marabana

      I’m a gacha addict. And a gacha creator. I create gachas to fund my addiction to other people’s gachas… ^.~

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